Who the funk Is Samael Senja  and what you should know about him in a bio.


Based in Bali, Indonesia, music producer, composer, arranger, remixer, and DJ ever since 1994 Samael Senja grew up listening to Hip hop and all the music it was made/sampled from, Soul, jazz, funk, RnB and more, which reflects in his own music, Soulful, tasteful and subtly funky. Contemporary yet rooted in some great classical 'old school' vibes.

Samael started producing songs in the in the late 90s and since he’s still working on his own music and sound. his love for music is sprayed through the singers he is collaborating with. he’s also the founder of “La Sunset Session” with Jimmy Sax Black. 


Assuming you want to find Samael Senja, and depending on when

you ask him, he could be drinking cocktail on Bali’s beach, eating a slice of Pizza, 

having a nap after boxing or calisthenic training sessions, or of course make music in his home studio.

You can also see Samael DJing for a relaxing sunset set mix - Booking 



Slow Motion / Dj set with Samael Senja : Lo-fi, Lounge trip , jazz groove to soft house with a broken beat excursion. Samael Senja play the best of relaxing music vibe, making the ideal atmosphere to keep talking on your sofa drinking a good cocktail. 

Music genre : Lo-fi, Chill-out, lounge, jazz, hopJazz, Funk